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Why choose Dr. Acuña for all your dental treatments?

We only use the highest quality materials available in the market to provide our patients with the best products.

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Dr. Luis Ernesto Acuña Roldán is a distinguished professional in the field of dentistry. A graduate of Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia in 1998, Dr. Acuña has built an outstanding career in dentistry.

In 2016, he obtained his license to practice in Canada, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his career. Between 2017 and 2018, he deepened his knowledge and skills through the Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation program at the International Dental Institute. With 25 years of accumulated experience, Dr. Acuña is recognized for his integrity and professionalism.

+8 ans de practique

His career in Montreal spans over 8 years of dedicated practice, culminating in 2021 with the opening of his own clinic. The Dr. Luis Acuña Dental Clinic, located in the heart of Saint-Lambert on Quebec’s South Shore.

The clinic offers a wide range of services, including implantology, implant rehabilitation, crowns, root canal treatments, cosmetic procedures, and dental hygiene care. In addition, it boasts staff highly regarded for their experience and human quality, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. At the Dr. Luis Acuña Dental Clinic, our patients find the right treatment for all their needs.

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Dre Sandra Labbé



Dr. Sandra Labbé was born and raised in Quebec City. She earned her doctorate in dentistry from Laval University in 1999. She then worked as a military dentist in the Canadian Armed Forces for 10 years.

She returned to her studies at the University of Montreal to specialize in orthodontics. Dr. Labbé earned her master’s degree in orthodontics after three years of study. She also received a scholarship from the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in Orthodontics.

150 Boul de Montarville, suite 201
Boucherville Qc J4B 6N1 450 271 1131

Laboratoire Dentaire Zirdent

Zirdent Dental Laboratory

Zirdent Dental Laboratory is a family business, father and son, with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and design of fixed prostheses. It is a laboratory with a strong inclination towards CAD/CAM, which allows us to provide impeccable, precise, and above all aesthetic service to our patients.
Luciana Pedneault

Luciana Pedneault

We are the first dental studio

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