Urgence dentaire

Dental emergency

Do you think you have an infection or a broken tooth?

Some dental issues cause significant discomfort and can even lead to complications if not properly addressed.

Dental emergencies, such as accidents involving the teeth or mouth, toothache, bleeding, infections, and swelling, require immediate attention to improve the chances of saving the tooth and preventing an infection from developing or worsening.

Different emergencies:
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Any type of pain from a structure in the mouth.
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Damage to the nerve of the tooth can be caused by different factors such as deep decay, infection, bruxism, making it impossible for the person to lead a normal life.
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Dental fracture

Not only can it affect the esthetics of a person, but also the internal part of the tooth.
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Dental abscess

This is an accumulation of bacteria that can affect the gum and the root of the tooth.
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